CSOL蝸牛輔助(CSOL Snail Hack)

使用說明: [ Chinese&English ]

本輔助適用於 反恐精英CSOL,本站有各種地區的完全不同的版本,有中國大陸、香港、臺灣、韓國、土耳其、泰國、印尼、馬來西亞、新加坡……各種完全不同的版本,請各位按照自己使用的版本進行下載。本站遊戲輔助保證及時更新,若輔助因為任何緣故不能使用,請迅速更新至最新版。本软件绝无插件、无毒、无马。放心下载!

Instructions for use:

This CSOL Snail Hack is used for CSOL , this website have many different Version.. for China . Hongkong.Taiwan .Turkey.Thailand.Indonesia.Malaysia.Korea.and so on …..

    Everyone should download in Correct Version .this website will update the software in time . If you can.t use ,please update in  the latest version..The software no plug-ins, non-toxic. Rest assured download!


反恐精英 辅助-透视-自瞄-加速-隐身-炸房-复活-无敌-无后坐力-阵营显名字(透视名字)-大灾变功能-去黑雾-全图高亮-双T-防T-锁定模式-快速换刀-无色夜视-全体邀请-解除脏话-加速-顯名-顯血-透視-隱身-卡空-準星-刷槍-復活-防踢-自瞄。。

Function Description:

    Perspective view, speed, stealth, fried rooms, resurrection, invincible, display name, cataclysm feature full map highlighting, lock mode, quick change.(This area’s translation is so diffcult ,if you can translate better ,please tell us .)





下载地址:(Download Address:)

大陆版本:Version for China:

港台版本:Version for Hongkong and Taiwan:

韩国版本:version for Korean:

印尼版本:Version For Indonesia

泰国版本:Version for Thailand:

土耳其:Version for  Turkey:

马来西亚和新加坡:Version  for  Malaysia&Singapore





(1) The author did not put any virus in the auxiliary, if you are worried,simply don’t use it, no one forces you!
(2) The auxiliary is for entertainment and discussions only, if use it illegally,the author will not take any responsibilities


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